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Papa-son and Mama-cita's Kiddos

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When Did We Change So Much?

In this moment, this is how I feel my life is summed up:

~got saved
~got married
~got a van load of kiddos
~gave up couponing
~gave up fast food
~gave up processed foods
~buying grain by 25 and 50 lb loads
~buying coconut oil, sucanat, tea tree oil
~buying farm fresh eggs and milk weekly
~making my own bread
~making my own buttermilk
~making my own deodorant

What is going on and how did I/we change so quickly????

I remember my Papa-son came home one day and said, "Yeah, I decided to stop drinking soda."  WHAT???  How does THAT happen?

Well, who cares.  That's our reality right now... and we love it!

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