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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Failings of the Weak

Having our QTs this morning.  Sipping our hot coffee, enjoying silence.  Then it happens.

Boy #1 says from the foyer, "Mommy, I'm... I'm wet."

It's 6:30am and already dealt with Baby Girl #3 wet ~5:30am in a cloth diaper followed by Boy #2 wet ~5:50am in a disposable diaper.  What is going on?  I (again) tell myself I will not buy one more stupid disposable diaper to simply throw away after changing wet sheets!

Then Girl #1 comes into the office where we are trying to focus on our QTs to tell us, "I peed in my bed.  But just a little bit."  It's 6:33am.

Well, may as well go and check the remaining child to see if she is wet too!  (Thanks, Pops, for going as I type this!)

Thankfully, though I am scratching my head and asking God, "What am I doing wrong?" I hear Romans 15:1 very clearly,

We who are strong have an obligation
to bear with the failings of the weak, 
and not to please ourselves.

Yes, failings of the weak bladders!  And my response so reveals my wicked heart.  How long O Lord?  When will this five year season be over?????

Don't answer that!  Though there is MUCH urine I wouldn't change it.  I love them so much!

So, the Whitney Adventure continues.  And in case you've been wondering what we've been up to lately, well, this about sums it up!

OH- and Papa-son just came back down.  He informed me that Girl #2 was wet too!  Enough to change her sheets as well!  Hee hee!  Better get started on the laundry, eh?

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  1. Ohhhh, Kia... love this post. Thanks for the verse from Romans, especially. I'll carry it with me today, God willing!