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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why We Try to Steer Clear of Hospitals

My husband and I have a growing distrust of the general medical field.  We, in particular, do not trust hospitals.

When our daughter was 3.5 years old she had a hernia repair (which lasted all of a few months!) at one of the local hospitals.  She came home with a terrible rash in the area of her surgery.  What did the outstanding medical field label it?  Scarlet fever!  Yes, they told my husband that she must have had strep without us knowing (or any of our other children getting!) and thereby contracted Scarlet Fever.  And, oddly enough, the rash began in the area of the hernia repair and spread from there.  Though we protested this clinical diagnosis, they prescribed penicilin and refused to even entertain the idea that she contracted this rash from the surgery!

We didn't know what else we could do.  That was the end of that story.  Until the next year.

The following year my husband needed a hernia repair.  Dealing with a different hospital and doctor this time, we had the same exact rash appear on him that our daughter experienced.  This time we were smart enough to not ask the hospital for help!  We nursed him back to health (though it took longer) with simple coconut oil!

Well, we read this article earlier today and just knew we could've been the couple focused on.  We are so thankful we did not give birth to our newest baby in the hospital!  In fact, I'm sure she'd still be in the hospital and I'd be in a position of asking permission to hold my baby.

Our advice to anyone going to the hospital?  Go the other way!

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