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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spring 2010

For the 2 people who may see this, the Whitney Adventure is still in progress.  I know.  I am the worst blogger out there.  I'm a crummy writer that is inconsistent and can't even find a decent picture to post every now and then.

Oooo, the truth feels good!  Very freeing indeed.

So, this Spring is quickly coming to an end and I have done miserably at keeping up-to-date with any of my blogs but... I'm making time for a quick rundown of our adventure tales.  Enjoy.

~ Planted our garden.  We're growing (or killing, depending on how you look at it) spinach, tomatoes, cantaloupe, butternut squash, pumpkin, basil, potatoes, green beans, and broccoli.  Will be planting radish and peas in the next month or so.  And for the record, this garden is kicking our behinds!

~ Massive ant problem in garden.  Dilemma.  Don't want to use chemicals.  Decide to use an orange cocktail of sorts.  Looks crazy (but what doesn't around here?) but it works.

~ Pile kids up and drive 45 minutes west to pick up 1/2 a cow (1/4 beef for us and a 1/4 beef for a friend).  THAT was a crazy day.

~ Take over the food co-op as a friend moved out of state.  Unloaded over $600 worth of grain, oil, dried fruit, beans and the like when the truck dropped off the goods from our 1st order.  (And no, this was not $600 worth of food for us alone - it was ~7 people!)

~ Freezer breaks.

~ Get new-used freezer off Craiglist for $50.  But, just big enough to hold our beef and a bit more.  Need another one.

~ Weekly trips to a friend's farm for our weekly supply of milk and eggs.  Pops won't drink anything else and the eggs are AMAZING!

~ Find new freezer.  Gigantic freezer.  So large I can lay down in it!  Papa-son had to saw a bit of the wood shelf off in the garage to get it to fit.  Story has it that the previous owner had 3 ice cream trucks and used this to hold his goods.

~ Autumn slept through the night... once.  But, hey.  THAT is progress.  That was my first time sleeping through the night in 8 months.

~ This weekend our whole crew is taking the drive to experience an Amish farm in IN.  No, we're not looking for a black and white Amish community.  We're buying 36 free-range Amish chicken.

So.... that's it for us.

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  1. Hello! Yay for Autumn sleeping through the night!

    Enjoy your trip this weekend! Are the chickens gonna be alive?